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If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. --George Washington

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PostSubject: MENTAL HOPSCOTCH   Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:36 pm

Last night, our show on electronic harassment ended on a chilling note. In the last minutes of the show we received some disturbing phone calls. One was a guy who was talking about his experiences and the story that he had caught a dragonfly that he thought was a drone. In the middle of his stories of being electronically harassed and having near death experiences, he threw in the story of a man that walked into a California Home Depot and quietly, without fanfare, cut his arms off in the tool section of the store.

When he said it at the time it didn’t register to me that the man probably was hearing voices telling him to do it. It never dawned on me that the whole time I was talking about people doing crazy zombie like behaviors that he could have been a victim of this type of testing.

It just goes to show that we are not even used to the idea of being harassed, tracked, and under surveillance. It is happening silently and we are seeing the results of this type of electronic psycho-bombardment.

The other two calls were equally chilling as Brian from Waco, Texas called to say that he and his fiancé were being harassed electronically. During the call I began to notice that whenever he was telling his story the phone conveniently sounded like it was being jammed because all I was hearing was gibberish. I asked him to email the story to me because it was evident that his phone was being jammed and was giving credence to his plight.

However, the final blow was when a caller named Carlos phoned into the show from San Antonio. The call was odd as he greeted me in Spanish. I replied back in Spanish and told him that the call should be in English. He sounded like he was shaken up and wanted to say something about cults. The strange part is that as the phone call was progressing we could hear someone saying just under him some unintelligible words and then we could hear “Only heard part of it” and some scratching. At first it sounded as though there were two people on the line with him. It sounded like typical cell phone interference.

Carlos was rattled, taking anxious breaths and sounding nervous. I assure him that he would be okay.

But then I heard the “boop” sound, indicating that the line had dropped. However, even though the line had dropped and he was gone there was still someone listening in on the carrier. There were still some scratches and static. Then silence.

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